I dragged Michaela and Andrew out on a cold but beautiful Sunday in February to Winkworth Arboretum for my first maternity shoot. Its safe to say I was both nervous and excited.

This was also the perfect opportunity to use my new Mirrorless Camera, a Sony Alpha 7 Mark 2. I switched over from a Canon 1300D, an entry level camera, only the week before this shoot. For a full frame camera, the design is brilliant, light weight and easy to carry so no more heavy bags, perfect for carrying around a forest. I took only one lens with me to this shoot, a 28-70mm Zoom Lens, making it easier to capture a shot when placed in a tight wooded area. The eye auto focus helped greatly when capturing beautiful sharp shots of the couple showing off the bump.

Starting at the top of the hill, the forested area provide a nice backdrop for a few portrait images of the couple (and bump), a background that can and will be used in some of my future shoots. Placing the couple in the center of this seemingly complex location, brings out the simplicity of the image.

After walking for what seemed like an hour in the harsh cold, we made it to the bottom of the hill, where I was able to use the tranquil lake as a unique setting for their maternity shoot.



After having a look on Pinterest they both decided that a maternity shoot wasn’t complete without a comic photo comparing the bump of the baby and Andrew’s beer belly.

The weather became worse, but I was able to find a secluded area in the woods for one last shot. Shortly followed by a warm cup of tea and a cake.

I can’t wait to do their newborn shoot in a few short weeks time, AND find out whether Michaela and Andrew are bringing a baby boy or a baby girl into the world. I wish this special couple lots of luck and look forward to seeing them soon.


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