When I found out my aunt and her partner were having a baby together I knew there would be plenty of photos taken. I can’t wait to have another cousin, I’m currently counting down the dates until the due date.


I recently did a maternity shoot for them, to show the progression from bump to baby. Dawn and Michael opted for a studio shoot, which gave me some really interesting shots of the couple (and bump of course). This was my first studio maternity shoot, going out with Michela and Andrew (which you can find the blog here: http://www.jordansphotography.co.uk/2018/03/10/michaela-and-andrews-maternity-shoot/ ) gave me more confidence when posing the couple. However, most of the time I didn’t have to position them any differently to how they were standing naturally.

Starting out with a few of the “classic” poses, Dawn and Michael were able to ease into the session. They admitted that at the start they felt a little awkward, due to not being in a studio setting before.


We didn’t spend too long in the studio, but I still managed to get some beautiful shots showing bump, and showing their love for one another.

We finished the shoot off with some portraits of Dawn and bump, I managed to capture some stunning silhouettes which really shows off the size of the baby.

Their due date is the 17th April, but I think she will be born sooner, and I can’t wait to take some beautiful pictures and extend my knowledge even more. Get in touch if you want a Bump to Baby shoot or your own.

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