I have to admit, I’m not the greatest football fan. So when I got asked to take photos at an event featuring the famous Sir Geoff Hurst and Gordon Banks OBE, I definitely had to research into them.

The evening was great, there was plenty to watch and even buy. The guests arrival, meant plenty of opportunity for signed merchandise to be brought. Many of the merchandise were of not only Sir Geoff Hurst and Gordon Banks OBE, but of other famous athletes such as Mike Tyson and The whole team of England in the 1966 World Cup match.

Once the guests took their seats, a comedian was brought on stage to entertain the guests for the first half. As I was walking around capturing the set, I did find myself chuckling. He was brilliant, he got the crowd up and laughing. 

Following a short interval, an auction and a raffle took place, selling some of the signed photos to the guests. Due to the authenticity of the the signatures, the photos when for a vast amount, with some people paying upwards of £300 for a signed photo of the special guests.

To invite Sir Geoff Hurst and Gordon Banks OBE on stage, the guests were treated to a video showing their success and their triumph in the 1966 World Cup final against Germany. The questioning session begun with only Sir Geoff Hurst, much to the disappointment of some of the guests, this was due to Gordon Banks OBE held up in traffic. Gordon Banks OBE joined Sir Geoff Hurst on stage for the last half of their appearance.

The end of the evening resulted in Professional photographs with Gordon Banks OBE and Sir Geoff Hurst themselves. Unfortunately, as I was taking the photos of the event, I didn’t get the chance to personally take these photos, or witness the photos being taken. The queue for the photos was incredible, it went right round the venue.

It’s safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I can’t wait to see what GM Golden Promotions have up their sleeve for the next event. If you would like to take a look at some of their events coming up go to their website: http://gmgoldenpromotions.co.uk/.

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