The journey from bump to baby is incredible, I can’t believe I’ve had the privilege to capture both Dawn and Michael’s Maternity shoot and now Baby Jessica. Take a look at how the newborn shoot went.

Before I took the newborn photographs, I managed to steal a couple of moments to do a mini family shoot. The light, unfortunately, was a little too bright as the shoot took place in the garden, but I managed to fix this when in Lightroom and Photoshop. Both Mum and Dad thought it would be fun to take some on the trampoline, creating some very comical and personal photographs.

We then moved into the living room, as to capture the individual newborn shots. Being a laid back individual, Jessica fell asleep as soon as I laid her on any of my props I brought with me.

I should’ve brought a wash proof mat, as I encountered a small problem when taking the naked shots. This was to be expected, however as it was my first time taking the naked shots, I was severely underprepared. As I continue to expand my experience as a photographer, my equipment, and knowledge of how to pose babies will come in time.

After some perseverance, I finally got the shot I wanted. The cute leaning shot. I managed to capture it using a breastfeeding pillow. Unfortunately, as soon as I placed her on my props, she was wide awake interested in everything around her.

I’ve enjoyed being a part of Jessica’s transition from bump to baby. And I’m sure I’ll be taking plenty of photos of her as she grows up. To view Dawn and Michael’s Maternity please click here :

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