Just before everyone broke up from school, I was asked to take some photos for a nursery graduation. All of the Kids leaving were having a photo done to compare when they first started at the nursery to the end of their journey at the nursery. I was using a small pop up studio setup as shown below (Without the use of the chair). My setup included two flashguns, a lighting stand with an umbrella, a flashgun trigger, my backdrop stand, a pure white backdrop,  a small piece of coloured sellotape and of course my camera (a Sony A7ii) complete with a 28-70mm standard kit lens.

Before I went to this shoot, I practiced at home on my siblings and cousin. This meant that I was able to look at lighting positions, in which the backdrop looked whiter. As they were willing to have their photos taken, I was trying to pose them in order to create a mini shoot. This helped me to feel more confident before the proper shoot.

I was lucky enough to enter the nursery with the chairman while the kids were away for the weekend. This meant I was able to work out where my equipment would go, and how I needed to position the light sources. For this practice, I used adults to see how the light affected the brightness of their faces. The only things on the day I had to do was to put up my equipment, and once I was set up to find a position far enough away from the background for the children to stand.

As I had practiced this shoot both at home and in the nursery, it was easy to get through the list of the children. I found the children were very well behaved, I only had to retake a couple to get that perfect shot.

The nursery has asked me to do some staff photos in the early term, so watch this space. Hopefully, I get to do this shoot all over again next year.

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