To advertise my business I offered some close friends a family shoot. It was a big family so it was definitely a challenge, but I managed to successfully get some nice formal and candid shots. During this shoot I realized when doing a family shoot, I need to concentrate on timing a little more. I ran over my standard time for a family shoot by a fair amount of time. However, as this was an experience to better myself I was happy with the photos I got

The typical Family shots were quick and easy to capture, I had researched before getting to the shoot so I knew how to position them in order to get a better shot. As this was a larger family, I had to improve a little with the positions I put them in.  When I researched, I only looked at families with four people, as I knew I had a lot of families with only four members.

I love candid shots, the way you can capture the moment where everyone just bursts out laughing, or where siblings who fight get along well. The photos of the kids playing and rolling around in the grass laughing are my personal favorites from this shoot. 

I tried to be a little more creative with the shots I was taking, however as I am inexperienced, I feel as if I need to find my ground to work on the basics. As I do more shoots, I’m confident that I’ll be able to develop my skills as a photographer. Therefore, being more creative with the shots I produce. 

I will have a lot more involvement in this family’s lives, as I’ll be photographing their engagement photos shortly before their wedding next year. I can’t wait to see them develop as a family, and I can’t wait to be a part of their special day.

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